Illustration for article titled Sexual Obsession in Teenagers: Is Social Media a Contributing Factor?

This generation finds love by swiping left or swiping right. The technological expansion has made access easy to everything one desires. It urges you to see more and more things that attract you. These things can be of technology related, or they may be about online dating and chatting. Teenagers have uncontrollable access to every site they want to visit. Getting knowledge about sex before the right time results in an obsession with teenagers. Openness in the society about these topics is not serving its right purpose. Sex education used to be emphasized to help people know certain things before they get into a commitment. But its un-checked misuse has now become a mammoth which needs to be solved. Sexual curiosity has converted into a sexual obsession which is not encourageable in teenage. Here are some disastrous effects of frankness in society:

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